Since some of Nerf’s blasters inside of their different series use firing mechanisms that are motorized and automatic, batteries and Nerf blasters almost go hand in hand. While some of their series uses disposable batteries such as D size batteries, it is also capable with some of Nerf’s accessory products. And so the question that some would ponder exists, where do batteries go in the Nerf Rival guns?

Rechargeable Battery Pack

Nerf Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack

As much as people love the automatic firing blasters from the Rival series, for their full-auto capabilities, high rate of fire, and ammo capacity, it is agreeable by everyone that supplying them with 6 D batteries can be a pain at times. They do not come cheap, especially if the charge has run out and you have to replace them a few times. Particularly the Nemesis along with its 100 USD price tag, just being able to use this gun can become pricey for many. In this section of the article, we would like to reveal a product that can alleviate some of these issues. These are some of the reasons why we recommend the Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack as another option for disposable batteries. 

Let’s jump straight into the first reason, the Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack is for lack of a better word, rechargeable and works just as well as traditional D batteries which is the whole main purpose of this product. No more buying and tossing out batteries once they are finished. To charge it, simply plug in the AC adapter and into an outlet. It takes a few hours to charge up, after that it is good to go. The battery pack has 7.2 volts compared to 9 volts from 6 D batteries, but even so, there is no noticeable drop in power despite this fact.

In all honesty, reviewers are really impressed with the battery pack firing over 2000 HIRs on a single charge and it still did not show any sign of slowing down. After having to feed the Nemesis too many D batteries too quickly, I say enough is enough. I had bought the battery pack and have not looked back since. Firing the headshot ammo which is a copy of the original HIRs they are also just as viable as normal rounds but at a much cheaper price. 

The Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack also works for both the Rival Nemesis, Rival Khaos, and the Rival Hera. This particular battery was meant to work for the Khaos because it was the only blaster advertised at the box art. So people started to find out that it was also compatible with the Nemesis, and they were pretty happy about that. So whether you own the Khaos, Nemesis, or Hera, it is great to see this cross-compatibility with the battery pack.

Moving on, here is another reason to own the Battery Pack that people might not think of. It is a possibility that it can be used for future Rival blasters. Right now, there are 20 Rival blasters including the Phantom Corps line which is where the Hera is from. There does not seem to be an end to battery-powered Rival blasters anytime soon. It is no guarantee, but whatever beefy motorized Rival blaster comes out next could possibly be powered by the battery pack which is a bonus if you already own it. 

The next reason you do not realize how amazing this product is until you actually buy one, but the battery pack is very lightweight. The voltage of the battery may be slightly lower compared to the D batteries, but that also means it is lighter. The six D batteries in the disposable battery tray weigh 2.2 pounds or 1 kilogram and the battery pack weighs only 0.7 pounds or 0.3 kilograms. It is three times lighter and is awesome. The Nemesis in particular is already big, bulky, and heavy blaster so shutting that little extra weight really makes a huge difference. This is one of the biggest reasons you should own the rival battery pack that you might not have known.

The final reason, really the big deciding factor is whether the battery pack is worth buying for $30 USD. At first glance pricey but I guarantee you in the long run it will be worth it. Here is some perspective, after buying the Nemesis a few months ago I used it for only 11 days before the D batteries started dying on me and I had to replace them. Let’s say 6 D batteries cost around $10 USD, which means that in less than two weeks I would have to spend 20 bucks just to use my Nemesis and even after putting in new batteries, they noticeably lose their juice after firing around 3500 rounds.

Now imagine using the Nemesis for a year or two, the cost only stacks up. That is why over time you would make your money back with the Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack. The Nemesis is definitely my favorite blaster in recent years so I know that I will be using it for a while and be getting good use of the Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack as well.

Battery Location On The Nemesis

This paragraph will be a quick tutorial on how to put or replace batteries on this blaster. It is very simple for those of you who do not know, find and loosen up a screw that is located on the top back part of the blaster, near the stock. It is also a spring-loaded screw so it should pop up for you when it is loosened. All you have to do after that is to slide it towards the back and lift it up.

Inside there will be a battery compartment that is orange in color and has 6 slots for D batteries. The battery holder can be replaced with the Nerf Rechargeable Battery Pack if you have one. After loading the batteries or switching them out, place the battery holder back into the compartment and tighten the screw and you can start blasting again, Since some of Nerf’s blasters inside of their different series use firing mechanisms that are motorized and automatic, batteries and Nerf blasters almost go hand in hand. While some of their series uses disposable batteries such as D size batteries, it is also capable with some of Nerf’s accessory...It's all about rapid fire nerf gun, star wars nerf gun, nerf laser tag and nerf gun mods.