For several years, Nerf Guns have been around. Nevertheless, it is only recently that there has been a revival in the use of these “safe” firearms, especially among the teenage population. When a whole new generation is beginning to play games such as Capture the Flag, the technology behind these weapons has significantly improved and there are far more options today. Nerf surprisingly has developed many kinds of Nerf blasters according to their series. 

As it is a really subjective matter, you would not agree with my choice of the top Nerf gun, so here are two of the top strongest Nerf guns I choose. 

Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25

Vulcan EBF-25, often known as Havok Fire EBF-25 in Europe, is a Nerf electronic belt-fed blaster that was introduced as part of the N-Strike series in 2008. It takes six ‘D’ batteries to fire automatically. With a twenty-five dart belt, tripod, ammunition case, twenty-five Whistler Darts and manuals, it comes packed.

Vulcan is a large blaster which has both a battery-operated automatic firing mode and a manual, single-fire firing mode that requires bolt priming. The use of a belt system for loading and shooting is peculiar. There are three tactical rails: two at the blaster’s side and a third at the blaster’s peak. 

It features a detachable tripod that allows the blaster to be used as a turret on any flat surface. On the underside of the blaster, this tripod can be mounted with an extension lug, which can also accommodate the Rhino-Fire tripod. On top of the blaster, it has a wide carrying handle which enables the blaster to be shot from the hip. For use with a sling, bandolier, or any type of carrying unit, it also has three strap points on it. One is located at the top of the muzzle, another is located behind the front of the blaster, and at the back of the blaster is the final one.

On the side of it, the Vulcan has an ammunition box that helps it to store its belt. However, it will quickly jam if it is not loaded properly. It will hit ranges comparable to those of the Longshot CS-6 when fired without batteries. It is possible to remove the ammunition box, though especially complicated, leaving only the belt.

Initially, versions of the Vulcan were much bigger and with a different name; the initial name was Vulcan BF-50. Although The Ultimate Nerf Blaster Book revealed that the blaster was only supposed to have a motorized direct plunger, this name implies a much greater original capability as well as a lack of electronic functions. A bigger, cylindrical ammunition box was supposed to have a blaster that contained a fifty dart belt, known as a “fifty dart belt drum” Initially, the blaster was also intended to have a rotary barrel, however, due to complex problems with the electronic structures, this was scrapped. The Vulcan is one of the few blasters where designs surface; in previous promotional activities, the Vulcan BF-50 was included.

The Vulcan may be adjusted, usually by increasing battery voltage, to provide a higher rate of fire. This however comes with the downside that the engine can overheat and with such a change would wear faster. By connecting several belts together infinitely, ammunition belts may also be modified; but for bulk purposes, the commonly modified belts carry a total of fifty darts, made of two regular twenty-five dart belts. Just a twenty-five dart belt with the lid closed carries the Vulcan’s ammo box; hence, with the expanded belt mod, the customer is required to either keep the ammo box door open or fully use the Vulcan without an ammo box. The absence of an ammo box will theoretically leave users at the mercy of belt feed errors, as the Vulcan may have a tougher time feeding the belt on its own and it requires assistance, particularly near the beginning and end of any ammo belt. 

One approach is for the customer to help feed the belt by keeping it up by hand, but this can be awkward and is also not as effective as an ammunition box can be. By modding an actual military ammunition box and adding it to the Vulcan, some modders have also circumvented the problem. This shows that Vulcan is not just strong from the look, but also in how the blaster operates and can be modified.

Raider Rapid Fire CS-35

The Raider Rapid Fire CS-35, later renamed the Raider CS-35, is a Nerf blaster clip system released in the N-Strike series on September 9th, 2009. It comes packaged with a thirty-five dart drum, a detachable shoulder stock, and thirty-five Streamline Darts. The Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 is a blaster for pump-action clip systems. With the blaster advertised as being able to do so at incredible speeds, it features the capacity to be slam fired. There is an orange jam door on the side opposite the clip well, which allows users to eliminate jammed darts. It is possible to place an extra dart at the bottom of the trigger handle. It is compatible with detachable shoulder stocks, and has two accessory mounting tactical rails; both are located atop the blaster in tandem. In the rear mounting nub for shoulder stocks, there is a primer indicator. This is obstructed, that being said, when a stock is attached. 

Raider has a side-loading clip instead of a bottom-loading one, which can be inconvenient if a long clip, such as an 18 dart clip, is used. In addition, if they are firing from the shoulder, the large drum can block the view of the user somewhat.

Due to its reverse plunger system, the Raider CS-35 is generally hated in evolving cultures. For the Raider, Orange Mod Works released two special mod kits: a Stage 1 box with a better spring and a “starter” Massacre Kit with replacement parts made of polycarbonate. Raider CS-35 shows unique gameplay to the nerfers where it introduces to Slam shot which very useful when in nerf wars. 

Most Powerful Nerf Gun

All in all both of the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 and Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 are the most chosen top strongest Nerf blasters by the nerfers. This is because due to its uniqueness and power that can be delivered when firing a shot. several years, Nerf Guns have been around. Nevertheless, it is only recently that there has been a revival in the use of these 'safe' firearms, especially among the teenage population. When a whole new generation is beginning to play games such as Capture the Flag, the technology behind...It's all about rapid fire nerf gun, star wars nerf gun, nerf laser tag and nerf gun mods.