If a child asks their parents to buy them something that has the word “gun” in it, even if it is a Nerf gun, it would definitely make them feel queasy. Yet foam missiles are not real bullets, toy weapons are only toys, and Nerf guns are technically called Nerf blasters. So, the best Nerf gun ever, or we could say the best Nerf Blaster is the key ingredient in the kind of foam-flying, relatively nonviolent skirmish that happy childhoods are made of.

Speaking of that, there have been many debates on which Nerf gun is the most powerful that you could buy. Some can hold two darts and are powered by an inch-long spring whereas others can hold dozens and powered by massive batteries. There are many types of guns or blasters such as Nerf rifles, Nerf shotguns, manual Nerf blasters, automatic Nerf blasters, and even Nerf blasters made to look like nail guns.

Megalodon Nerf N-Strike Blaster

The NERF Megalodon is an intimidating-looking spring-powered, 20 rounds, cylinder-fed blaster within the Mega series. This blaster seems like an improvement to the RotoFury blaster by packing double the firepower in a small box. Nevertheless, at the first glance, it is quite hard what it is trying to be. The Megalodon has an intimidating and compact design. It also comes with 20 whistling Mega darts, an easy front-loading cylinder, and a top priming handle that will give you real good fun! However, this Megalodon does not have tactical rails. It is not designed to fire from a pistol but only from the hip.

The Megalodon is easy to load and it’s fun to shoot. It has a spring-powered firing mechanism, with darts fired at a rate of up to 85 FPS, which is pretty good for the Mega Blaster. This blaster features a slam-fire that’s perfect for illuminating the enemies when they’re locked in an epic battle. To allow slam-fire, hold down the trigger while you quickly pull back and forth on the priming handle.

The dart is released when the priming handle is returned to the forward position. It’s great fun to tease at the wall of these big Mega darts that always appear to strike with a satisfying “thud!” Be mindful that the slam fire will see the velocity of the muzzle, and thus the range will decrease as you fire more darts within the protected.

Nerf Elite 2-in-1 Demolisher

The Nerf Elite 2-in-1 Demolisher is another twist on the Stryfe dynamics, except this time, as well as adding a pretty decent stock, it also comes with a missile-firing attachment! The missile is a good touch since it gives you something you can shoot while you’re reloading. It’s particularly good in games where you get different points for different ammo – some offer double points for larger ammo like this or MEGA, so this makes it a perfect choice for such games!

The front looks bulky, but in fact, it’s pretty comfortable, and the stock is better than the Desolator’s, so I like it. You get a semi-auto with a single shot back-up and a good stock – not a bad combination!

Nerf Strike Elite Strongarm

The basic concept of the Strongarm is very similar to the Maverick design. The color scheme is different and is longer by an inch, but features much of the same design cues including a broad, front-heavy theme. However, it is slightly different under the skin. This blaster features a tactical rail on the top for slights or ammo holders and two sling mounting points. One of them is on the bottom of the grip and the other is on the end of the priming handle. This one has caused a couple of people to discuss the wisdom of a mounting point on a moving piece of the blaster, but most of the people will holster it rather than sling it anyway.

The Strongarm has solved this by using the priming action to rotate the cylinder, so once you pull the trigger, the dart is already within the chamber and prepared to travel. In order to load the Strongarm, you flick the release catch on the side of the blaster and the cylinder slips out, giving you unrestricted access to all the chambers. It’s a lovely piece of engineering, and many have said that the cost of this is why the Disruptor was introduced – not for quicker frontloading, but merely to reduce costs and drive profits.

The main concern with loading is the standard revolver issue of ensuring that you drive the darts in the right amount – too many, and they can jam too little, and they can come out or foul the system, even though, in practice, these problems are rarely a problem. If you’ve loaded it, drag the slider back and the primed alert shows at the end of the blaster. To use the slam fire, just hold the trigger and pull the priming handle back as quickly as you can – this was another first in the spring side weapon… as we said, the Strongarm is a real classic!

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

This NERF gun is an absolute beast! It is fully automatic and fires at over 100 FPS with Rival High Impact ammo and manages to carry over 100 of these. This is impressive, but it is the overall shape and feature of the Rival Nemesis that sees our choice for the best automatic NERF rifle, the best of the Rival variety, as well as our best overall award! If that isn’t enough, this gun has also come with a monstrous 100 round capacity, courtesy of a gravity-fed hopper.

The firing system is a motorized belt that the ammo drops on, which feeds it into a chamber that enables it to fire at such a phenomenal rate. This means that you sometimes need to shake it to get the ammo to drop to the belt, but it’s really easy to do even though you’re shooting. Super fun, the Nemesis isn’t only the simplest blaster within the NERF Rival range, but it’s also the simplest NERF machine gun and, in fact, simply the best-unmodified blaster, full stop!

The Most Powerful Nerf Gun

All in all, all of the guns stated above are the best in their own category. But you could choose based on your own preferences. In our opinion, we would say that Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K is the best gun to buy. We really love that it can shoot over 100 FPS. That would definitely be a fun weapon to use during battle. So, choose yours wisely and have fun with your next Nerf battle!

https://www.bestwaterguns.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/What-Is-The-Most-Powerful-Nerf-Gun-You-Can-Buy.jpghttps://www.bestwaterguns.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/What-Is-The-Most-Powerful-Nerf-Gun-You-Can-Buy-150x150.jpgbtgunshootUncategorizedIf a child asks their parents to buy them something that has the word “gun” in it, even if it is a Nerf gun, it would definitely make them feel queasy. Yet foam missiles are not real bullets, toy weapons are only toys, and Nerf guns are technically called...It's all about rapid fire nerf gun, star wars nerf gun, nerf laser tag and nerf gun mods.