Is one of the best brands in the toy store now is Nerf? Begin in the 80s with a single foam ball. The label has since grown to all kinds of various foam-based games. The primary Nerf blaster made in 1989 – the Ball Blaster – caused a whole wave of different toys. Though the original blasters only killed the first nerf balls, they will apply foam darts and weapons. Some well-known toys introduced the Sonic Stinger, the fan-favorite Crossbow, and the original Bow N’ Arrow. Missiles inexperienced as often, nor did people find as much advance.

The original arrow blaster from Nerf came out in 1992. This thing proved to be the greatest hit of the brand, and millions of toys were sold. Over experience, the designs upgrade. New characteristics of darts came out that had things new and helped maintain their fans. This toy brand has even motivated a video competition – Nerf N-Strike for Wii. Nerf blasters are amazingly successful and have even begun to gain some collectible price. Some guns that are still unopened in their original cases can go for hundreds of dollars. To know further about these high-end Nerf collectibles, see on as you go over the Most Expensive Nerf Guns in the World.

What Is The Most Expensive?

  • Vortex Pyragon in Average Price: $230
Vortex Pyragon

The Vortex Pyragon is a disc-shooting Nerf rifle, and it’s one of the best built. With an entirely mechanical production, the Vortex applies a slam-fire device to shoot plates. They have noble speed and good efficiency. It has a magazine of 40 records and appears as well with a tactical post for different Nerf accessories to be attributed. The cost increases to around $230.

  • N-Strike Rayven CS-18 in Average Price: $235

The N-Strike Rayven CS-18 produced a fascinating twist for Nerf gun enthusiasts. It burns glow-in-the-dark darts, getting it perfect for midnight dart fights. The clip contains a sum of 18 darts and also applies an electronic fire device. The medium cost spins around $235.

  • Lazertag System in Average Price: $250

While not a Nerf piece with its standard foam projectiles, the Lazertag System with a couple of Phoenix LTX laser taggers. As details, there’s a roll and flinch. Place it separately from different laser tag blasters waiting in the store. Every one of the couple guns can have pinpoint views attached to it. What’s the opportunity with it, you might suggest? Well, think about not producing to pull up hundreds of arrows after the fight ends. The cost tag expands to $250.

  • Original Nerf Crossbow in Average Price: $250
Original Nerf Crossbow

This Nerf gun was produced back in 1995, supported by the Kenner brand, later taken by Hasbro. The Original Nerf Crossbow in purple was an exchange in history for a small $25. Now, they can work for up to $250. The item is rated highly by those followers who like to customize and mod their rifles, so if you appear to have one sleeping around, think about the ten times its price grew with time.

  • Nerf Dude Perfect Signature Bow in Average Cost: $250+

A more new interest to the business of Nerf blasters is the Nerf Dude Perfect Signature Bow, which will be revealed in 2017. Hasbro has employed a very successful YouTube channel – Dude Perfect – to build these sizable and farthest-firing guns ever. Or at least that’s the advertising around it. That’s also what places it special and increases its cost to around over $250.

  • N-Strike Whiteout Series Deploy CS-6 in Average Price: $300

With a pump arm mechanism, the long-named N-Strike Whiteout Series deploy CS-6 appears with six generous quick-reload clips for speed and sharpshooting. The pump holder can also turn to a flashlight, and the idea is to desire those pros. The price available is $300.

  • Terrascout Recon RC Drone in Average Cost: $315
Terrascout Recon RC Drone

The Terrascout Recon RC Drone is completely more than a plain Nerf gun. It’s a Nerf blaster on roads, one of the most excellent Nerf toys ever composed. It’s a 35 weapon drum filled, electric fire fitted, and remote-controlled Nerf gun, ready to handle almost any area. No matter the house or yard. Originally a Toys R Us release, it is available on Amazon as well and it’s the most valuable Nerf commodity ever launched. Due to its limited freeing and technologically superior capabilities, its rate increased over a moment to around $315 now.

  • Nerf Max Force Manta in Average Price: $425

The essence of this Nerf cross is within a gun and a shield-shaped Nerf Max Force Manta, one of the various sought-after Nerf stocks of all. It looks like a Manta Ray, with the whole blocking incoming heat and many barrels which can kill angled darts that meet on the point. Released in 1995, the Nerf Max Force Manta excited enthusiasts so much that now. Some parents experience fun with their children. This Nerf toy has a rate of around $425 now in the market.

  • N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 in Average Cost: $520

The N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 is a belt-fed, big dart blaster that seems like a machine rifle and has a burst rate of 3 Elite barbs per moment. Ideal for defeating the villain in dart fights, the Vulcan EBF-25 even highlights a platform for enhanced aiming ability. The belts have 25 weapons, and the top handle is performed simply to bring around, providing it the sense of working a machine gun. The amount it goes around nowadays increases to $520.

The most expensive one is N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 in Average Price: $600.

N-Strike Longstrike CS-6

The N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 is amongst the most expensive Nerf guns around if you’re studying for one that’s still in the case and clean. As the title implies, it’s a killer rifle dart blaster, the highest one back when it was published in 2010. There was an equal barrel length for longer reaches and a flip-up display for better skill. It has a series of 35 feet. Unlike other guns, this one didn’t run out as intended due to its ‘bolt-action’ tool, which was troublesome to complete and was likely to have bugs that bothered many players. Due to that, its existence on the market was low, but at the same time, making it one of the most expensive from a collector’s opinion, a thing which increased its cost to $600 nowadays.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this will help you to decide which Nerf Guns that you love to purchase with their capabilities, characteristics, and many more. Have fun with your Nerf Blaster.

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