This may be news for some of you, but Nerf also designs and develops crossbow blasters to broaden your arsenal of Nerfs. In fighting such dramatic wars, crossbows have historically been critical, but with the introduction of modern weaponry, they do seem to have lost their importance. But these Nerf Crossbows have become incredibly popular with Nerfers today thanks to Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead series. Daryl showed how a quiet yet dangerous bolt could be a killing blow to the undead from a crossbow, and he made it look so impressive. Now you, too, can battle your enemies in style thanks to Nerf crossbows.

In several different series, ranging from the Elite to the Zombie series, Nerf has crafted crossbow blasters. Also, thanks to Katniss Everdeen, these blasters, and Nerf crossbows have become very popular among girls. The Nerf Rebelle series has rightly seen the launch of several girls’ archery-based blasters with sexy chick decals. For you to choose your choice, here listed the top favorite and the best Nerf crossbows in these three series.

CrossBolt Blaster Nerf N-Strike Elite 

CrossBolt is a Nerf blaster clip device that was launched in the N-Strike Elite series in the fall of 2015. With a twelve dart clip, twelve Elite Darts, and directions, it comes packed. CrossBolt is a string-powered crossbow-like blaster for the clip device. Unlike all other crossbow blasters, such as the Zombie Attack Crossfire Bow, the use of a plunger mechanism is not included in the CrossBolt. Under the muzzle of the blaster, it includes one military rail, two jam doors including two strap points: one beneath the iron sight and in the rear of the blaster. 

Visually pleasing, similar to other Elite blasters, this blaster is themed with vibrant blue and orange colors and some dark grey tones. Inside the blaster’s shell, the bow is well incorporated but still stands out prominently. Right on the side of the muzzle, the word ‘Crossbolt’ is tagged. The priming handle is pale grey and is integrated for quick priming and shooting on top of the blaster.

The Crossbolt is on par with every Elite blaster, given the results. The darts hit muzzle speeds of up to 72 feet per second and, if the shots are angled, the range is up to 90 degrees. While this model lacks the plunger system, it performs almost as well with the mounted crossbow band.

There are a few disadvantages to this blaster as well. One would have been the noise. In a nerf battle, this being a crossbow imitator should be silent and allow you to sneak up on your enemies. But when you load the dart onto the crossbow, the primer handle is quite noisy and creates a jostling sound. As well as the second gripe is that right behind the stock is the magazine release button. While shouldering the blaster, this can cause you to accidentally press the release and the mag will drop out. You would also expect an easier loading mechanism to have a crossbow design.

But despite the few cons, this blaster has been very well received by Nerfers and, because of its cool looks and performance, gained immense popularity. There has been a drop in prices at Amazon recently.

Wrathbolt Nerf Zombie Strike

As a follow-up and a sibling of the Zombie Strike Dreadbolt, Nerf released the Wrathbolt in 2018. A smaller and simplified version of the Dreadbolt is the Wrathbolt.

Looks and Characteristics: Let’s begin with the parallels. Like the Dreadbolt, Nerf Zombie Strike Wrathbolt, without other spring mechanisms, is also a string-powered crossbow. The same arrows are fired by it as Nerf Whistling. And with the Zombie Strike theme, the design elements and color scheme are perfectly aligned. A post-apocalyptic survivor whipped up in a shed also appears to be the Wrathbolt. There is also a tiny plastic saw that appears to be holding together the handle and the body.

The Nerf Zombie Attack Wrathbolt is just as inspired by the Dreadbolt, its own little blaster. It’s pretty little and it’s better to shoot one hand at it. There are only two arrows in the box, and there are no spaces to store an arrow on the body of the blaster.

Quality, Benefits, and Drawbacks: Interestingly, the Wrathbolt works better than other sling-powered crossbows. The arrow is fired even quicker and higher than the Dreadbolt. As you would expect from a crossbow, the result is quiet and smooth. In your Nerf battles, the Wrathbolt will make a perfect secondary tool for help, but its price still speaks for it. As for the cons, as this Nerf Crossbow is small, quick, and powerful, there is nothing much to pinpoint.

ComBow Nerf Rebelle AccuStrike

Combow AccuStrike is a distinctive double treat. It is a Rebelle-themed crossbow that incorporates two blasters, each shooting Accustrike darts, in a single box. One main cannon, a detachable crossbow blaster, and eight purple Accustrike darts are included in the package. Both blasters are operated by manual and spring and the bow-string does not connect to the firing mechanism in itself. 

Looks and characteristics: With familiar colors and decals, the blaster is Rebelle themed. In the paint job, a wide variety of shades were used, varying from blue, purple, yellow, black, and orange. There is a stock, a trigger, a priming handle, and a standard tactical rail on which to mount the bow blaster to the central blaster. The blaster is fastened to the bow string with its own primer stick.

Once the bow blaster is mounted, both blasters can be loaded at a time and fired using the two-stage trigger together or separately. Half the pull fires the upper blaster while both are ignited by a full pull. 

Quality: Up to four darts in the front can be armed by either of the two blasters but shot one by one. Combow is able to shoot elite darts as well. As a dual crossbow rig, the efficiency for both blasters is marginally below average with muzzle velocities of about 60 feet per second.

Benefits and Drawbacks: As we get two nerf crossbows for the cost of one, high value for cash. As the darts are shot through a smart air restrictor and there are no magazines, there are absolutely no jams. Save for a minor decrease in strength, we couldn’t think of any cons.

The Best Nerf Crossbow

All in all, there‚Äôs are the three best CrossBow Nerf blasters that I choose. It’s up to you to choose and determine which is the best or you can grab all three of them. may be news for some of you, but Nerf also designs and develops crossbow blasters to broaden your arsenal of Nerfs. In fighting such dramatic wars, crossbows have historically been critical, but with the introduction of modern weaponry, they do seem to have lost their importance. But these...It's all about rapid fire nerf gun, star wars nerf gun, nerf laser tag and nerf gun mods.