Have you missed the rush to declare your neighbors a Nerf war when you were a kid? Well, you are not the only one feeling like that. Holding a Nerf match this year outdoors with neighbors and friends may be difficult as Malaysia has begun the Movement Control Order (MCO) again. But that does not stop us from having fun with the family at our own house. Nerf has introduced us to a variety of nerf guns and bullets. Since we will set to play our Nerf indoor, it is better to use Nerf ball gun bullets. Today, we will be looking more into the Nerf ball gun bullets.


Nerf guns are those that shoot little yellow foam ball bullets up to 70 miles per hour. These little balls can shoot and load better making them more durable than any other Nerf ammo that has come before this. What’s best about these balls is they can get squished completely and come back right to their original shape! Compared to the modded dart guns, they don’t hurt so much. If being shot, we would only feel a slight sting and no visible mark would appear. What’s more interesting is the balls could bounce off when they hit the walls and this would be beneficial for angled trick shots. They don’t shoot very fast so you would still be able to dodge in time from a distance.

Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700

This one is cheaper than the first two RIVAL blasters by Hasbro. It is simple, featherlight but built like a (polymer) tank. For this gun, you can slide the 7-round magazine or the 12-round magazine. This lightweight blaster feels more powerful than any stock Nerf gun. However, they do not use that power to fly further but just straight and focus more on the target. The latest Nerf High-Impact Rounds (little yellow balls) also appear to strike the ground at about the same distance as the Elite Dart shot from a good blaster, and they’re still impacted by the wind, but it takes longer for them to start dropping.

The Apollo isn’t really perfect actually. There is no excellent way to actually aim the bullets. Nerf Apollo has no sight, and you can’t really add one either. Although it does have a rail up the top where you might potentially install any form of targeting system, the blaster’s loading handle absolutely blocks any hope of bringing down the barrel.

For the charging handle, it’s the only aspect of this blaster that isn’t remotely ergonomic. The handle feels fine, the trigger feels pretty good, but the little handle you continuously need to use to cock this blaster needs to be pulled back and pushed forward while having just enough space for two fingers and half of your thumb. There is a big issue though which is that Apollo can jam if you’re trying to loop it too hard. And if it jams, you’re done playing the round. In one day, we had to do it four times. The ball is so wedged that you need a screwdriver or some long pokey tool to lift it.

Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200

Zeus is a bigger, better, and beefier counterpart to Apollo. This means that it is a motorized semi-automatic rifle that spits out the balls from the 12-round magazine included. It also has good parts, just like Apollo, Zeus can shoot remarkably for a foam blaster. Now, you can follow up with 11 additional shots without needing to pump the handle back and forth. Plus, there are also flip-up sights and a small door where you can open in case there are any jams. Three rails, a stock, and some comfortable grips make you feel pretty tactile-cool if you’re into that kind of stuff. You may also mod it to be a full-time self-monstrosity.

However, it also has its cons which the Zeus is motorized and needs six C batteries. This means that it is noisy and heavy to carry around. There will be no sneak attacks. It is the rare motorized Nerf blaster that only holds 12 rounds before you need to reload. This actually is dreadful as you need to reload it frequently. To reload, you need to rip out the magazine from the rear while holding the blaster with one hand and pushing down the locking switch using the other hand. Plus, you should probably be aware that you cannot use 7-round RIVAL mags in the Zeus. There’s no way to lock them in. They will just fall out.

The Benefits of the Nerf Ball Gun Bullets

All in all, I would say that I prefer ball bullets to darts. Not only is it suitable for kids as they would not hurt but it would also give a thrill to us adults. As we are playing indoors with lots of walls, we can try and explore many new angle tricks and techniques. The balls could bounce off easily as it touches the walls and will create more fun and adventurous Nerf war with whoever you are playing with. Whether you are playing with young or older people, these bullets will ensure your safety as they will not hurt you and you would have an extremely good and fun time playing indoors during this lockdown. Just make sure that there are spaces to move around in your house by rearranging some furniture to avoid crashing into them while you are playing. As for the blasters, I would prefer Apollo since it is cheaper and easy to move around. For me, that is more important as I could sneak around easily without feeling tired of holding the blaster. Finally, I would say that Nerf RIVAL series that uses ball bullets are a really good choice if you want to start playing Nerf again with your family or friends during this pandemic. Not only will you save your money, but you will also gain benefits like having fun and a healthy body. Plus this is how we try to spend our good time with family and friends.

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