The Rival lineup from Nerf’s many series is some of the best ones that Nerf has released. The introduction of High-Impact Rounds (HIRs) and more powerful blasters only scaled up the fun and competitiveness of playing with Nerf guns. You see, Nerf decided that they needed a foam blaster that would cater to somewhat older people, anyone who would otherwise play paintball or airsoft. That’s all about Rival: Nerf guns made for sport. Nerf weapons, each of which comes in red and blue, so you can always say which team you play with. 

Nerf weapons that fire up to 70 miles per hour or 112 kilometers per hour with tiny yellow foam balls. Small balls that fire better, load better, and feel more robust than any preceding Nerf ammunition. Seriously, these balls will get completely smashed and come back to life right away. However, the Rival lineup is a little unique as they have Nerf’s only Rechargeable Battery Pack available for purchase as an option that differs from other series’ more traditional usage of disposable batteries. The Rechargeable Battery Pack is able to power some of the motorized blasters inside the Rival series and this begs the question, what guns do the rechargeable nerf rival battery powers?

Zeus MXV-1200

The red-themed Zeus MXV-1200

The first of the motorized blasters released in the Rival series is the Zeus MXV-1200. The Zeus the flywheel powered semi-automatic blaster in the Rival line. The RIval blaster shoots the little foam balls also known as HIRs, they are Nerf blasters made by Hasbro but they do not shoot darts, they shoot the little yellow foam balls. Included in the packaging are the blaster, the magazine, two rails that come attached, 12 HIRs, and the instructions.

The included rails are attached on the left and right sides of the front of the blaster. The Zeus is a battery-powered blaster and to get to the batteries you remove the two Phillips screws at the back near the stock of the blaster and the battery tray will slide just right out. The blaster requires 6 ‘C’ batteries to function. After you load up the tray, you slide it in and reinsert the screws. However, this blaster is unable to be powered by the Rechargeable Battery Pack as it is incompatible.

Khaos MXVI-4000

The Khaos MXVI-4000 in red theme

The Nerf Khaos also shoot Rival HIRs just as all of the blasters in the Rival line. The blaster is fully automatic and has a 40-round magazine so you can fling balls for days. Included in the box is the blaster itself, the magazine, a few rival balls packaged in plastic (enough balls to fill in the magazine), as well as the manual. Let’s go over the externals and the function in a bit more detail starting up with the front, this IS a Nerf blaster but it does not have an N-Strike attachment nozzle. The Nerf Rival ammo would not fit through many of the barrel extensions, so it is understandable why it does not accommodate any N-Strike attachments. 

Up top is a flip-up front sight that corresponds with the flip-up rear sight. This aiming system is pretty traditional with a circle at the back stick in the front so then you line the two up and you pull the trigger. The blaster also has a rail up at the top but this is not an N-Strike Nerf rail. You can put your Nerf attachments there but it is not really as optimized for that. The sights can just be pushed right back down and there’s another rail under the barrel if you want to put a foregrip or flashlight.

On the right side of the blaster is the access door if you ever have a jam or anything, you can pull the door back and that gives you access to the flywheels and loading area. So, you can get your finger up there nice and deep-like and clear out any jams. Down below is the magazine well in which the magazine can be placed. 

The magazine is a 40-round Nerf magazine which is considered high capacity for the Rival line. Loading the magazine is pretty unique compared to most Nerf blasters. First, you have to take off the top latch of the magazine, and then pull down on the slides to get access to each port. Then, you load in all your balls and again, it holds 40 rounds which is a lot. When you are done you can pivot back the top and release all of the little buttons so then that’s now loading all of the balls up into the top of the mag.

Onto the performance, firing the blaster is definitely really fun, high capacity and full auto with the Rival accuracy equals lots and lots of fun. Measuring the blaster at a chronograph and the result that appears is an average velocity of 101 feet per second or 30 meters per second which is in line with the advertisements from Nerf of the Rival line. The blaster also shoots as hard as the Apollo which is great because the Zeus was nice because it is flat and runs a flywheel semi-auto but the FPS on the Zeus is a little lower which means you can get outgunned by an Apollo.

The Khaos is full-auto, with the same velocity as the Apollo so it is nice that they didn’t bump down on that. In my overall opinion of the Khaos, it is a great performer because it shoots really hard and it has the consistency and accuracy expected from a Rival blaster, and it is full auto with the 40 round magazine is a fantastic combination altogether. Some of the disadvantages might be that it is a larger blaster with the 6 D batteries required (or the Rechargeable Battery Pack) which makes it a little bit heavier but it is for the purpose of fitting a particular role and not just for every Nerf fan. Moreover, the magazine is very large and it is great because it gives a high capacity 

In conclusion, there are blasters that are able to be powered by the Nerf Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack that is available for you to buy. However, the battery pack itself is discontinued meaning that the product is not being made inside of factories anymore. However, you can get it through resellers, second-hand shops, or online stores that still have them in stock. Rival lineup from Nerf’s many series is some of the best ones that Nerf has released. The introduction of High-Impact Rounds (HIRs) and more powerful blasters only scaled up the fun and competitiveness of playing with Nerf guns. You see, Nerf decided that they needed a foam blaster...It's all about rapid fire nerf gun, star wars nerf gun, nerf laser tag and nerf gun mods.