Protection while playing around with Nerf blasters is an important factor to consider as safety is important and the flying foam ammunition can be dangerous if it would hit a vital spot such as the face and particularly the eyes. With each release of their new line of blasters, Nerf also increases the power and range of the new blasters which is more reason why eye protection during play is a crucial factor that should not be overlooked. Nerfs have released plenty of protection alongside their blasters over the years.

Full Face Masks 

A full-face mask

In the full face masks category, there are 3 versions to go over with and we will go through the price, the comfort, and the fit. And the differences between the three. There are three scenarios where I believe that a full face mask is wanted and should be used at all times. The first scenario is when playing with Nerf Rival blasters. If you are not accustomed to the Nerf hobby, Nerf Rival blasters fire considerably harder than normal standard Nerf Elite dart blasters. So you are going to need something to cover your face because the last thing you want to do is take a shot that is under 10 feet or 3 meters, to the cheek, nose, or lip with the Rival High Impact Rounds (HIRs) because trust me, you are going to feel it.

Size comparison between a Mega dart and an N-Strike Elite dart

The second scenario that I would consider wearing a full face mask is when playing with Nerf Mega Blasters. The Nerf Mega darts are considerably bigger than the Elite Darts meaning that it has a bigger dart head. You do not want to get hit in the face with the places I have stated in the paragraph above with a Mega dart from a close range without full face protection, trust me. 

A heavily modded Nerf blaster resembling a Kriss Vector

The third scenario would be when playing around with heavily modified and customized blasters. If you have done electrical mods to your blaster to make them shoot incredibly harder, or spring upgrades to increase the power, then definitely a full face mask is warranted and should be used. 

Individual Mask

The Star Wars version of Nerf Rival’s face mask

Next up, it is time for the individual mask and we will start with the Nerf Rival mask. The mask has 2 variations, coming with a red or blue option. It also comes in the Phantom Corps white albeit it is only available for US consumers as it is exclusively sold in the retail store brand Target. Not to mention, a Star Wars-themed mask is also available but the price on the kit is actually quite expensive as it is bundled together with a blaster and not sold individually. The basic price point of the red or blue mask is 14.99 USD in average retail but keep in mind, the mask has seen to be sold as low as 9 dollars when in the sale. 

Going over some of the features of the Rival mask, you will notice the elastic, easily adjustable strap at the back though it is not as wide as the other masks that we will talk about soon. However, it is fairly comfortable and with the adjustments, it will fit a wide array of sizes. It does have cutouts on all areas below the cheek to add airflow to the mask which tries to help with anti-fogging but all masks will fog at some point, some dissipate faster than others. Finally, it does have a rubber insert on the parts of the mask that will be in contact with the face which allows it to feel pretty comfortable 

Adventure Force Tactical Gear Mask

Next up, is the mask made by Dart Zone for the Adventure Force Walmart brand, the Tactical Gear Mask. Aesthetically, it looks amazing and is most favored by reviewers because of the way it looks. Two, it has a lot of the same features as the Nerf Rival Mask such as an adjustable strap for a multitude of head sizes. It also has the same sized rubber material which is going to be the seal around your eyes which will hold the mask to your face and is fairly comfortable. However, the most impressive feature on the Adventure Force mask is the colored part of the mask which is the team selector tab. With a simple pop out with your thumb, you can actually switch the team because inside the mask pack you are also getting a red tab and a blue tab. Simply pop in whichever team you want to be on and you and your friends can quickly switch sides in a match at the tournament and determine how you are gonna set it up. 

Export Tactical Face Mask

Exsport Tactical Face Mask comes in black and white

The third option comes straight from Amazon. We did some searching for the purpose of this video, trying to see if there are any other options that we can pick up for a reasonable cost so we can test it out for you. These masks cost 19.99 USD for two which basically means you pay 10 bucks apiece and it comes in black and white. And it has to be pointed out, these masks are really really cool and it is really attractive to children. Here are some of the features of the Export mask. There’s some difference with the Adventure Force mask that we want to point out a little closer and show you. There is a noticeable size difference between the Export mask and the Adventure mask with the Export having the bigger elastic band size in return giving more grip on the back of the head which allows for more comfort. 

The goggles are really nice and the inside of the google is actually lined with foam and is a lot more comfortable compared to the rubber of the other masks. The mask however does have less airflow due to fewer holes with the only air inlets being on the cheek and the middle part, the middle part is covered with a thin filter. Overall, however, the review is positive and not a lot of complaints are seen. 

To conclude, there are plenty of masks out there that you can use as protection while playing around with the stronger blasters from the Nerf Rival series. You can also improvise and use existing masks or helmets that are around your house if you can’t wait around anymore! while playing around with Nerf blasters is an important factor to consider as safety is important and the flying foam ammunition can be dangerous if it would hit a vital spot such as the face and particularly the eyes. With each release of their new line of blasters,...It's all about rapid fire nerf gun, star wars nerf gun, nerf laser tag and nerf gun mods.