“Nerf”, a brand which we can easily relate to our childhood. Remember the days where we were all fixated on guns despite genders? It’s every child’s dream to have one of Nerf’s Toy Guns.

Nerf Toy Guns are popular due to the varieties and versions given to them. This makes them a very collectible toy that is favored by both children and adults. Nerf Guns come in many varieties, from classic darts to nylon disks to golf-shaped balls.

However, “Every Good Thing That Comes Is Accompanied With Troubles”. With all those fancy Nerf Gun collections you have, what do you do with them when you don’t use them? Surely you wouldn’t want to throw your precious ones in your storeroom.

So, why not get yourself storage to keep your collection? Display them in style, make whoever who visits envy!

But here’s the thing, Nerf doesn’t provide any display storages of any kind. This begs the question, What Are The Best Ideas For Nerf Gun Storage?

Shoe Racks

5 Cheap and Easy Nerf Storage Ideas – Ray Squad

The best isn’t always cost. You’d be surprised that one of the most efficient and classic ways to store your Nerf Arsenals are shoe racks.

The thing about shoe racks is that it is obtainable everywhere and can sometimes be pretty stylish. You can look for those which have a unique trait, maybe an extra pocket or some cool patterns. You can hang the shoe racks anywhere in different positions. You may want to keep it close to you at all times in case of a break-in!

Nerf Gun Cabinet

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A cabinet devoted all to Nerf Guns, wouldn’t that be cool? Imagine walking into your room, and the first thing you see is your glamorous precious Nerf Collections under the 

LED light installed in your cabinet. How amazing will that be?

It’s always a collector’s dream to display their prized collection in a place where it can be admired by all. But it does come with a negative perk, and it may be too compact for your bulky guns which require lots of space.


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Ever had your Cheetos and you don’t know what to do with the jar once you’re finished? Why not put it into use by filling it up with Nerf Ammo. I’m sure many of us who play Nerf tend to face one problem, Missing Ammo! If I were you, I would be straight up devastated and would lose my interest from even touching the Nerf Toys. Thou, it isn’t the best looking one, I would say it’s the most affordable one.

Hence, with a Container in which you are able to keep your ammo, you need not worry about ever going dry on ammo in a heated battle. Fury upon your foes with your uncountable stocked Nerf ammo. 

Lunch Boxes

Nerf storage ideas! - A girl and a glue gun

Speaking of containers, Lunchboxes will do just the trick as well; if not, even better! As we all know, launch boxes have their own unique compartment. This means that you may be able to categorize your ammo more efficiently and neatly. Unlike the Cheetos container, you wouldn’t have to scramble all around looking for your Nerf Bullets.

However, it isn’t recommended that you buy a new lunchbox just to fill it in with Nerf. Use the old ones which your mom had prepared for you since grade school.

It wouldn’t be nice if your Mom started nagging at you just because you wanted a lunchbox for purposes other than lunch now, wouldn’t you?

Old Wire Shelf

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Another amazing idea you could give a try is the Old Wire Shelf. With this, you are able to display your Nerf arsenals most neatly. The old wires aren’t hard to install and can be pretty handy at times. Due to its flexibility, you are able to hand it at any position regarding the size. You could also consider hanging baskets beneath your shelf to put your Nerf Ammos. Another thing about Old Wires is that you can get it from almost every Walmart or hardware store nearest to you. Don’t hesitate to pay them a visit to install your Nerf wired Shelves.

Peg Board


In my opinion, this is, by far the coolest way to display your Nerf Guns and has efficient storage. The thing about the pegboard is that you can customize it however you want. Some suggestions include maybe attaching LED lights, or perhaps give it a theme. For instance, put up Zombie Apocalypse signs. You never know when the day will come when your life depends on your Nerf Guns. You would always want your weapons nearest to you in case of emergencies.

However, there is a downside to this. The pegboard would be rather huge and maybe a little hard to install. Hence if you are certain that you want to install it, ensure that you have enough help, if not, there may be severe consequences. 

Store Room

Easy DIY Nerf gun storage from Thrifty Decor Chick

Sometimes, the safest place to keep your stuff is the closest to you, that is your storeroom. I know what you’re thinking, “ What’s so great about it?”. Well, if you think about it, a storeroom is able to ensure that your Nerf Guns stay in the same condition for a long time. Reasons are that paint or durability of your Nerf Guns may decay over time due to the environment. Hence the storeroom provides minimum light exposure plus room temperature, perfect for your precious Nerf Guns.

Just make sure that the boogeyman ain’t there to steal your arsenals.


There are many ways you can store your Nerf guns and ammo; it doesn’t limit to just one. You can always be a little more creative, maybe mixing two of the methods above to obtain the best result. The possibilities are as far as your imagination goes. However, do note that you should always choose the most affordable way to store your Nerf arsenals. Expensive storage is meaningless and unnecessary. 

Have you gotten an idea of how you are going to store your Nerf Guns? Let us know in the comments below about what you think.

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