Nerf Guns are rather popular among any age group. No matter where you live, there is no doubt that you have come across Nerf at least once. May it be your friends having one or maybe you own one yourself. Nerf has been popular for quite a long time and is still gradually growing.

New designs and features are added in every release, to ensure that us Nerf fanatics aren’t disappointed with them. With that being said, collecting every Nerf gun is rather hard. But what if you could? Where and how would you store them? Surely you wouldn’t just toss them into your cupboard right?

Well, there are many ways where you can store your Nerf Guns but what I prefer the most is to decorate my room with them. It has always been a Nerf fanatic’s dream to display their precious prized possessions in their room, hence turning their room into a Nerf-themed bedroom.

If you’re thinking of the same thing but are currently looking for ideas to decorate your room, you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into things.

Wall of Fame

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Have your wall equipped with countless Nerf Guns to show off your glory in battle. You can always install attachments on your wall so that you are able to place your precious Nerf Guns onto the walls. If anyone enters your room and asks you what those guns are for on the wall, tell them that each Nerf gun displayed is evidence of a righteous battle won. Put them in aws as they are only able to look and not own.

Cupboard Dedicated to Nerf

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Some of you may think that keeping Nerf Guns in cupboards is nothing special. But what if I told you that you could hang your Nerf guns inside instead of throwing them randomly inside? 

Have you ever watched those movies, where the main character goes to his locker and just pulls a gun out of it? Well, you might just make it come to reality by storing yours in one as well. 

Install a compartment where you can store your sidearms and ammunition while the bulkier rifles are stored on the upper shelves. This way, you need not fear intruders catching you off guard anymore. Just reach into your cupboard and sneak out a Nerf Gun to snipe them down.

Apocalypse themed Nerf Room

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Having your room decorated in a sense whereas if you are preparing for an apocalypse would be amazing as well. Set up a department for you to equip your Nerf Guns whenever you can.

In case an apocalypse does happen, you wouldn’t need to be feared by those nasty zombies as you’d probably be well equipped by then. But of course, chances are low, and in that case, a section dedicated to stopping zombies would seem cool.

Target on a wall

Sometimes, decorating a Nerf Bedroom does not necessarily mean that you have to have tons of Nerf arsenals. It could be easily done by painting a target on the wall with Nerf Logo. Whenever you’re bored, feel free to pick up your gun and aim to practice on it.

A target on a wall also intensifies the details of how a Nerf bedroom should be. I mean like, what is a Nerf Gunroom without a single target?

But before you start taking your watercolors and start painting on the wall, consider finding wall paint first and make sure your parents allow you to do so if you’re still young. But in case you are financially stable, I’d say go for it!

Of course, a Target on a wall doesn’t necessarily refer to painting a target, but you could also buy a target extension. These extensions aren’t really that hard to find as you can find some at your nearest Walmart or Toys R Us. Be creative!

Weapon Wardrobe

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Ever watched KingsMan? If you did, did you remember the feeling you had when you saw them revealing their highly classified weapons from their wardrobe? I know, it’s pretty cool, but what if I told you that you could recreate that scene as well.

All you need is a wardrobe and some cloth and you’re all set!

First what you want to do is to make a secret compartment in your wardrobe to hide your weapons. Next, use the cloth that you’ve prepared to be made as curtains that will overlap with that secret compartment. That way, if anyone were to open your wardrobe, they won’t be able to see anything, but what they don’t know are your prized arsenals hidden in them.

Nerf Gun Everything!

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As the name suggests, it literally means turning your entire room Nerf themed from bedsheets to walls and ceilings. The thing about this is that you’d be completely exposing yourself as a Nerf fanatic. However, I don’t see that as an issue as it is just doing something that we love.

Nerf does not make curtains or blankets, hence if you can always ask printing companies outside to print one for you.

Of course, your Nerf blasters have to be kept nearest to you at all times. Waking up to see Nerf everywhere is rather blissful and can be pretty amazing for Nerf fans. Just imagine, you wake up and the first thing you see is your favorite thing. Automatically your mood will be better right?


To sum things up, there are endless possibilities for you to discover and decorate your room. The best Nerf room is when you can fully utilize every corner of your room to be transformed into Nerf without over decorating it. If you are able to do that, chances are that you would have the best Nerf room there is to offer. Although, do note that you should decorate your room based on your financial status. If you are financially incapable of doing so, it’s okay, there’s always next time, just don’t go too overboard.

So? Are you ready to make your Nerf Room? Let us know what you think at the comments below. GunNerf Guns are rather popular among any age group. No matter where you live, there is no doubt that you have come across Nerf at least once. May it be your friends having one or maybe you own one yourself. Nerf has been popular for quite a long time...It's all about rapid fire nerf gun, star wars nerf gun, nerf laser tag and nerf gun mods.