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Nerf has been around for ages and has been dominating the toy gun market ever since. Almost every child at home has at least one Nerf gun or one Nerf-related product. However, not all Nerf products are suitable for all ages. If you own a Nerf blaster of any kind, the ammunition is rather small and may be a choking hazard to toddlers. Hence the reason why most parents are not buying Nerf Guns for their children.

However, since you’re here, you must be wondering the same thing, are there any Nerf guns that are suitable for toddlers? Well, frankly speaking, there are, but precautions still have to be taken if you decide to purchase one. 

Before we talk about what guns there are, let’s talk about what the gun has to be.

It Must Be Small

Usually, this wouldn’t be a problem, but now you’re choosing a Nerf Gun for your toddler, hence finding a perfect size will definitely help your toddler out. If you buy a bulky blaster, chances are that he or she is going to use two hands to hold. This limits their freedom in playing and may be dangerous as in case of misfire, they would be unable to defend themselves.

It Must Be Light

You can’t possibly expect a toddler to carry a gun around half his weight right? It is best to choose a gun where the toddler is able to hold up with one hand. This is important as if the gun is too powerful for the kid, it might backfire and knock your toddler.

Simple to load.

It is best you choose a gun that is simple to load. For instance, maybe choose one that does not have a complicated magazine and does not need a lot of strength to reload

Now that we’ve got this all set, it’s time for us to take a look on what Nerf Guns there are that fits this criteria.

Nerf N-Strike NanoFire

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One Nerf gun which has brought in quite the popularity would be the Nerf N-Strike NanoFire. This Nerf gun looks and works more simply than others. It comes with 3 Nerf foam darts that can be inserted into the muzzle. Pull the handle at the bottom of the gun in order to reload it.

Due to it being small, toddlers will not have to worry about not fitting their sizes. It is relatively lightweight compared to other guns. It isn’t as powerful as other guns as well, which means you don’t have to worry about your toddler injuring themselves. On the plus side, it is also very cheap and affordable.

However possible issues still remain as your toddler may want something much bigger and fiercer compared to this puny weapon. Another thing would be how easy it is for it to get jammed in the muzzle. Toddlers are unable to fix their own guns which means parents may have to spend time helping them on this.

Oh yeah, remember it being too weak for it to be harmful? Well, that is if he or she doesn’t shoot right into their face.

Nerf N-Strike Glowshot Blaster

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This handy sidearm will keep your toddler busy for quite a bit. Toddlers love things that are new to them as they love to explore. The Nerf N-Strike Glowshot Blaster is the gun for your toddler as it is completely transparent.

Some toddlers find this fascinating as they are able to look through the mechanics as they fire a shot! 

Oh wait, did we mention? This nerf blaster glows in the dark as well. I’m pretty sure things that glow are pretty popular among kids right? Having a gun that glows, surely it would stand out among other toddlers when they come to visit you. 

Of course, there are issues such as the toddler being unable to pull and load the trigger due to insufficient strength. The chances that a toddler even has enough strength is seemingly low. Parents should also pay attention and educate their toddlers so that they don’t target it towards other people.

Nerf Dual – Strike Blaster

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This Nerf gun is slightly trickier than the ones mentioned before. Unlike others, the Nerf Dual – Strike Blaster is able to shoot ordinary darts and mega whistle bullets. There is a toggle at the side of the gun for it to switch between different modes. When you buy this gun, it supplies you with 3 Elite bullets and 3 Mega Whistler bullets.

The mega whistler bullets can be a hit for toddlers as it makes a whistling sound as it soars through the air. Many toddlers will find it fascinating and enlighten their day.

As always, the disadvantage is that your child may not know how to use it. For a toddler, he may not know how to switch between two modes and end up firing both at once. Other than that, it is relatively weaker compared to the rest as it needs to provide double energy to support two muzzles.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster

Amazon.com: Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster: Toys & Games

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster is the smallest Nerf blaster that has ever been created. It weighs as low as 1.50z and easy to be gripped by toddlers.

It doesn’t even have a complex reload system as well. Simply just push the dart into a barrel and reload it by pulling the handle from the bottom. Very little force is needed to load this bad boy and toddlers will most probably find this interesting.

The downside about it is that it can be rather boring once used for a while. Compared to the others, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster does not win in looks or mechanisms but only its tendency to be easy to use. Of course, this isn’t so bad considering it is fairly cheap and can be kept in your pocket as well.


Of course, there are more Nerf Blasters that may be suitable that we had not mentioned but to sum things up, the ones mentioned above would be by far the best based on our research. 

Take note: You are purchasing for a toddler, so pay attention to choking hazards

Have you eyed on any of them yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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