3 Things You Must Know About Nerf Longshot Cs-6

nerf longshot cs6The Nerf Longshot CS-6 is known as a clip system Nerf blaster, which was launched in the year 2006 under the N-Strike series. The Longshot comes packaged with its front blaster, one six dart clip, 6 Streamline Darts, and a scope. The Longshot CS 6 has been considered among the most popular Nerf blasters for combinations. Modders connect Mavericks, Titans, the Longshot’s secondary blaster, and other designs to the bottom of the Longshot, by cutting, sanding, and connecting the two with sticky putty or adhesive.

Advantages of Nerf Long Shot CS-6

Take your blasting skills to the severe with this two-in-one blaster! This blaster is more than 3 feet long and can introduce foam arrows as much as 35 feet away! Aim with precision and accuracy using the targeting scope. Two quick-reload clips hold an overall of 12 simplify darts.

There’s even a fold-down bi-pod to help you steady your go for crucial shots. Trying to find a quick chance at close range? The blaster has removable parts to offer you one-handed freedom with a single-shot blaster! In either mode, load up, goal, press the trigger and view the darts go the distance! Consists of a blaster, two quick-reload clips and 12 improve darts.

Elite Longshot Model

nerf long shotElite Model has Same Performance as Nerf Longshot CS-6.

The Nerf “Elite” Longshot is just the same old Nerf Longshot CS-6 beneath. This is not an Elite blaster; it is an original N-Strike blaster in Elite paint. It looks terrific, but the efficiency is not up to par with what we have today.

The rate of fire is respectable. However, that’s where it ends. The variety and power of this blaster are not able to compare at all with the models of today. This Elite Nerf Longshot CS-6 managed to hit series of 35 to 40 feet quite reliably. But when compared with actual Elite blasters, that 40 feet have to do with twenty feet short. This is simply the Longshot by itself, without the Front Gun.

When adding the Front Gun to the Longshot, varies decline even better. Shooting from the Front Gun? Your opponents might be laughing. The Front Gun ranges available in the mid-20’s. However, that’s stock. If you mod this blaster, things will be extremely various. More on that later on. In the meantime, we want to go over how the Nerf Longshot CS-6 functions now.

How the Longshot CS-6 Works

longshot cs-6It is a spring powered, bolt action, and direct plunger based blaster. To fire the Longshot, first, draw back on the bolt handle. Strike the little orange button with the bolt and in front of the trigger. This button located at the behind of Magwell and acts as a mag release button.

Take off your magazine and load it with ammo. The Longshot comes with a single 6 round magazine. Then, load it with 6 Elite Darts and reinsert the clip into the magwell. Push the bolt back to the forward position.

You are now primed and prepared to shoot! You can examine the priming indication on the back of the leading tactical rail. If it’s red, that suggests you’re primed and ready.

To fire again, repeat the complete movement of drawing back the bolt handle and pressing it back forward. You must do this each time you want to fire.

For the front gun, just pack a single dart into the front of the muzzle. Pull the pump grip back and then release. You can press it back forward if you want. However it has a return spring, so you don’t need to do that. Pull the trigger to fire. That’s it.

Nerf Longshot CS6 Comparisons

Blue Longshot Cs-6 vs. Yellow Longshot Cs-6

The Nerf Longshot is the among the most sought after designs in the Nerf N-Strike variety. Despite the fact that the Blue Longshot has a relatively sluggish rate of fire being a bolt-action manual blast), perhaps its the Longshot’s “sniper rifle” design or that this design is the longest Nerf gun in the variety which is more than 3 feet long, everyone desires one!

The new Nerf Longshot now is available in a Yellow paint scheme. Mechanically it still operates using the very same bolt-action magazine-fed shooting system. The primary improvement is the brand-new color consistency with the rest of the N-Strike blaster variety, particularly when swapping the interchangeable blaster components between Nerf Longshots and Nerf Recons.

Heaven Longshot is packaged with 2 x 6-dart clips and 12 x enhance foam darts. The Yellow Longshot is the same design but only comes with 1 x 6-dart clips and 6 x streamline foam darts. It depends on your individual color choice. But note that it is heard to find the Blue Longshot in local shops any longer, the Yellow Longshot now changes it.

Longshot vs. Longstrike

The Longshot and Longstrike have the a same priming system. Both are bolt action as well as have the very same bolt manages. Nevertheless, there are a couple of the main distinguishing details on these blasters.

The Longstrike uses a flip-up iron sight as well as has built-in iron sights. The Longshot has no built in iron sight, and the scope just has a single referral point only one reticle, making it harder to use.

The initial Longstrike is a somewhat hurried Nerf gun. It has small ranges that avoid it from being a real Sniper. Nevertheless, the Longstrike can hold one 6-dart magazine in the real blaster, and two spares in the stock. The Longstrike also looks fantastic and is incredibly detailed. If you truly want a Longstrike, hunt it’s Whiteout variation down on eBay. It has performance high adequate to equal an OMW modded Longshot.

Perhaps the much better of the two snipers, the Longshot has far greater ranges than it’s 3-foot cousin. It also can divide into two separate weapons, a Short-range handgun, and a long variety rifle. Its old and blue version comes with two rare Yellow Mags, and the Yellow Longstrike features a single orange mag. It also has a scope, rather than the Longstrike’s turn up sight.

Overall, the Longshot is the overall best option, although the Longshot is only better in a few other locations, like capacity. Your best bet is the original Blue Longshot and the Whiteout Longstrike.


The Longshot was succeeded by the 2013 N-Strike Mega Centurion. The Longshot was lastly given a real successor in 2014 through the Z.E.D. Squad Longshot CS-12, a blaster sharing the same shell, internals, and scope as the Longshot CS-6. The Longshot CS-12 especially lacks the front blaster and the integrated bipod.

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