5 Cool Facts & Tips About Nerf Deploy Cs 6

nerf deploy cs-6 featuresThe Nerf Deploy CS 6 also known as the Flash Break CS-6 in Japan is a clip-system Nerf blaster that was released in 2010 under the N-Strike series. The integrated flashlight needs three “AAA” batteries that do not consist of.

It comes packaged with a carry strap, one six dart clip, six Streamline Darts, and a direction brochure.

Nerf Deploy CS-6 Features

  1. It is Very Light Weight

The Deploy comes in the basic N-Strike yellow, gray and orange palette although there is a new clear version that’s now offered. The blaster has an inbuilt traffic signal that you can turn on and off next to the barrel- sort of like the recon’s ‘laser’ sight. It is very light-weight and utilizes the streamline dart clips system that clips into the top/side of the blaster depending on where you have it. It’s rather comfortable to hold and does resemble that Halo or Aliens “pulse rifle” style that is a significant hit with sci-fi fans.

The Deploy has strategically calculated rails for N-Strike attachments, and the barrel is like the Recon that enables you to fit on extension barrels on the end. A couple of batteries power the red flashlight beam for night time enjoyable.

The makers equip the Deploy using a pump action shotgun design primer, which is at the bottom of the blaster. Moving it backward and forward arms the blaster. It also has an inbuilt sight, i.e., a drilled hole, through the deal with to look through when shooting.

  1. It Works as Flashlight

The Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 Blaster isn’t simply a mean soft-foam dart launcher, but it also works as a flashlight! The CS-6 blaster features a bright yellow flashlight to light up the location in front of you, and most importantly, it’ll assist your area and aim at your target in the dark for stealth objectives. The Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 Blaster is created for ages 6 and up.

Flashlight Mode is extremely compact and features a light on the front of the handle. There is a little orange button, close to the flashlight, to turn it on. The blaster couldn’t be fired in Flashlight Mode if it is folded, the inserted clip folds upwards and comes out of the top of the blaster.

It should also be kept in mind that the light on the front is not very brilliant. This is to prevent individuals’ eyes from being harmed when looking at the light. This makes it effective to about half the firing series of the blaster unmodified, deeming the flashlight as useless or more useless than a Nite Finder light. Because of this, connecting a tactical light could be useful after all.

  1. Best Carry Handle Ever

The Deploy has a carry handle, which is the very best carry handle with ever placed on an N-strike blaster so far. It is fat and comfy, and even sports a scope. There’s no magnification. In fact, there’s not even a lens. Just a bit of plastic jutting out of the end, like an iron sight. This helps in left or best intending and my opinion, is much better than utilizing tactical rails as an iron sight.

The Deploy has a barrel attachment point, which enables the attachment of the Spectre, Longstrike, Recon and Longshot barrel extensions. These not do anything much other than destroy the range, enhance the precision and add tactical rails. And total awesomeness.

The Deploy’s tactical rail goes on the carry handle, making it difficult to bring properly when something is connected. There is no point of using the tac rail because the carry handle currently has a scope inside it. Well, when I say scope, I suggest little tube of plastic with a bit jutting out at the end.

Nerf Deploy CS6 Tips

  1. It’s Parts are Interchangeable with compatible N-Strike blaster

nerf deploy cs6 tipsThe Nerf Deploy features a unique system that transforms it from a “torch” into a blaster. In stealth mode, it is carried like a briefcase and has a built-in torchlight that is powered by 3 x AAA batteries, which is offered independently. A press of the button on the top of the unit does blaster deployment.

During the release, the front ammunition clip section turns to the left, the shoulder stock extends in reverse and the trigger grip flips out. This implementation system is powered by in-built spring systems.

In deployed blaster mode, it is a pump-action single-shot blaster with a clip-fed ammunition system. The Deploy utilizes a spring powered reverse-plunger system much like the Nerf Recon and Raider.

As part of the N-Strike range, its parts and parts are interchangeable with suitable N-Strike blasters ie. Longshot, Longstrike, Recon or Raider and it can also use most N-Strike tactical rail devices too.

  1. Much better to use Eighteen Dart Clip

Using a thirty-five dart drum will cause the Deploy function not to drop the light and clip to its respective position unless tilted to the left when doing so; when it does fall, it will do so with considerable force.

An eighteen dart clip is not impacted by this. The thirty-five dart drum is a Nerf dart drum. It comes packaged with the Raider Rapid Fire CS-35, and it can not be acquired separately in stores. On the other hand, eighteen dart clip is a dart clip which comes packaged with the Stampede ECS.

The blaster is compatible with barrel extensions; regardless of this, it is the first blaster to be suitable and not come packaged with its barrel extension. Also, attaching a barrel of substantial weight will cause the blaster to tilt upwards, resulting the blaster not correctly to deploy. This is because a weak spring is attempting to move the blaster’s shoulder.

The orange color pump action handle can also become stuck and will just be able to move midway.


To refill the Deploy, pull the bottom pump slide back and push the clip release button to get rid of any crammed clips. Load up to six darts into the offered six dart clip. While holding down the clip release button, load the clip into the side of the blaster. Pump the slide forward to prime the blaster. Shoot to fire a dart. The Clear, Sonic and Whiteout versions of the Deploy did not included a bring strap. On some Deploys, the trigger will have a small delay when cocking the blaster and shooting the blaster.

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