Nerf Rebelle crossbow. The Nerf Rebelle Codebreaker crossbow is the latest crossbow in the Secrets & Spies sub-series and also the best bow choices in the Rebelle series. So let’s talk about Nerf Rebelle Codebreaker Crossbow.

In the Secrets & Spies sub-series, the Codebreaker Crossbow is a Nerf blaster published in 2015. The Nerf Rebelle Codebreaker Crossbow, one of the many cool models since the birth of the Nerf Rebelle product line in 2013, is an impressive and exclusive concept. Through asking this focused segment themselves, Hasbro spent more than 3 years figuring out what young girls would want in a blaster. This was fine, as it was an overnight success before now, with the advent of pop-culture heroines like Katniss Everdeen and Princess Meridas.

Design and Layout

It’s very quick to bring together the Nerf Rebelle Codebreaker Crossbow Blaster. You have three pieces you need to assemble; the front of the bow, the cord, and shoulder rest for the bow. With a resounding click, both of these items will easily clip onto each other! Within a few minutes, seconds, even if you are familiar with Nerf or related items, it is easy to set up this crossbow. 

Conceptually, the Codebreaker is an interesting blaster, with purple and grey in the usual minimalist Rebelle style. Instead of making these weapons pink and wrapping them in beautiful packaging, this color mix truly fits perfectly for this crossbow blaster. One big drawback in terms of design is that they left one side bare, which is very surprising, particularly as the styling of the Rebelle appears to have no etched details.

Remarkably, the Codebreaker looks very small and light too. In comparison, because the Codebreaker is a pump-action crossbow, the pump grip is well-sized and very easy to grip, unlike its stock and handle.

Nerf Codebreaker Crossbow Characteristics

This eight-dart front load capability crossbow features passcode protection that could be set up for enhanced spy protections for children, meaning that its strength can be released only by the user or trusted allies. The Crossbow of the CODEBREAKER contains one “Secret Message” dart, 7 darts, as well as another decoder. There’s a warning on only one dart, that the dart is speckled with red dots because you know which one you want to decipher. There is also a choice on the crossbow to position the crossbow in a special code meaning that only the person who knows the code can use the crossbow. 

This blaster also has a tactical rail that you might add to attachments such as scope, although this helps to make it hotter rather than boost the performance more aesthetically.

Rebelle Codebreaker Crossbow Shooting

There is a spinning barrel in the Nerf Rebelle Codebreaker Crossbow that carries 8 darts. Before spinning the barrel, it is handy that you can slot in 4 darts at once from the opening to fill the remaining darts. Prime the slide backward and forward to set the crossbow, and aim after shooting the foam darts right into the front-loading barrel to shoot all 8 darts straight without refilling. The barrel structure will rotate during this operation.

The drawback with Codebreaker Crossbow

It does not fit to fill this crossbow with some old elite (non-rebelled) darts, along with some off-brand suction/clip system darts. To begin with, despite being put as far back as they can go, these off-brand darts just didn’t get as far back in the cylindrical tunnel as the rebelle darts. As a result, the bow will cock and shift the dart into positioning as well, but the trigger would not be able to be pulled. In the blaster, there is potentially a locking device that prevents it from firing if it does not find a dart. 

The Nerf Codebreaker Performance

You can achieve a normal dart velocity of 40 to 60 feet per second with a raised angle of about 30 degrees provided by the innovative, versatile crossbow string. However, with the Elite selection, the Codebreaker is not genuinely up there and falls short of what is advertised on the packaging.

Though that this blaster does not have the slam-fire feature, the Codebreaker shoots darts very easily, with the only drawback being that firing through all 8 darts won’t take long. In fights against blasters that have 12 dart clips, this would be a downside. Priming and firing, though, is very smooth and not much of a concern with jamming darts, so this will probably be a perfect tool to use for wars.

A decoder that shows hidden codes on the Letter Darts comes with the Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Codebreaker Crossbow. To find the message hidden there, slip a Message Dart into the decoder. 1 Letter Dart and 7 collectible darts come with it. 

If you’ve forgotten your code, it’s just the one in the center, so you just need to try 10 numbers. The suspect for not shooting it is usually not sitting all the way around the dart. If you’re trying to set a new rule, after entering the code, keep down the button, then move the numbers to what you want them to be. Keep down the purple button near the spinning dials on the Codebreaker Crossbow – the only blaster with a passcode lock – and set the number to whatever three-digit number you want. Since there are three dials, a working lock is just one of them, so only has to recall one number realistically.

Besides that, whether you want to shield it from an accidental shooting by little children around your house or your annoying little sibling, the secret code works well! Nevertheless, this function does not really have any role in Nerf wars.

Nerf Rebelle Crossbow

All in all, This would definitely be the right blaster for you with its unique hidden code if you are into visualizing those secret mission spy games! However, this is merely an average efficiency crossbow blaster for battles for those who are looking at results. Nevertheless, one might mod this blaster and put it straight into an excellent combat-worthy weapon with its fast handling, smooth priming and even reloading effectiveness. Rebelle crossbow. The Nerf Rebelle Codebreaker crossbow is the latest crossbow in the Secrets & Spies sub-series and also the best bow choices in the Rebelle series. So let's talk about Nerf Rebelle Codebreaker Crossbow. In the Secrets & Spies sub-series, the Codebreaker Crossbow is a Nerf blaster published...It's all about rapid fire nerf gun, star wars nerf gun, nerf laser tag and nerf gun mods.