If you love Nerf guns but would quit if the guns were constructed of more sustainable matter, then this DIY design might clean up your place. Using little more than recycled electrical elements, paper, and cardboard, you too can create this useful DIY cardboard rifle. As you can imagine and believe, like any design or project of this variety, you’ll require some tools and supplies before you get started. 

Materials Needed

  • Brown paper
  • Old DC motor x 2
  • Battery
  • 9/32ths of an inch (7mm) thick cardboard
  • Rubber bands
  • Hairpin
  • Wood skewers to create dowels
  • PDF plans for the gun parts
  • Old plastic syringe (the plunger) x 2
  • Soldering Kit
  • Modeling blade
  • Superglue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Electrical circuits, resistors, and soldering equipment

Non Compulsory

  • Paper cups for purposes

With all your materials and tools in hand, now it’s time to get on with this epic but amazing build. 

How To Make It?

Cut out the parts needed.

The beginning step is to download the ideas for the piece and print them out to size. Once you have composed all the templates, separate them, and give them to your cardboard. Fasten the ideas to the cardboard and make them out. With that finished, trace around the edge of every part using a marker pen or ballpoint. Once you’ve carried the methods to the cardboard, precisely cut out each piece using a cutting knife. Make sure you cut as carefully and precisely as feasible. Consider using a metal ruler as a lead to assist you here. 

Join the main gun

With all the pieces printed and evaded out, you can now start the main parts. Get the main grip and pipe piece and attach the central part to the gun tub. The overall forms of the parts are pretty much equal. Next, form your paper into a long tape 18 and 7/64ths of an inch (46cm) deep. Get a long cylindrical thing, like a pole, and roll the paper into a cylinder to create the main gun container. It will require to be 5.8ths of an inch (1.6cm) in width once finished. 

Resume construction up the body of the gun.

With that finished, get out the parts of the hold end of the gun and paste it into position on the equipment. Also, include two short dowels using your toothpicks or skewers and the different parts. They should be as long-drawn as the full enough diameter of the gun. With that end, create another small wooden dowel and stick a wooden ring to totality. Place it into the stem end of the gun and attach the cardboard trigger to the clip using a small rubber band or doubled-up chain. Examine the trigger speed. It should go when you push it with your thumb and then rotate into position once you deliver it. Next, take the manual lock spring feature, and attach them to the other wood dowel on the gun equipment. 

Hot Glue Gun

Create the electrical firing mechanism

With that finished, line up and fasten the DC devices in order. Add two extended lengths of cable to form the battery attachment wiring. With that end, attach the other half of the gun and paste it into position. Then attach a string of hot glue to one corner of the weapon, back the motors, and stick the wires into the spot. Next, cut a square of paper 4 and 9/64 inches (10.5cm) deep, and turn it into a thin, bent cylinder around the extra skewer. Paste the end piece to the main barrel to hold the paper unitedly. Straighten one end of the cylinder working a pair of pliers. 

Stop off the barrel.

Attach the electrical elements to a battery, and examine the firing mechanism. When you press the trigger, the rod should proceed ahead to engage one of the shots with the syringe covers on the motors. The motors should join the ball and stimulate it down the barrel. Next, take an extra strip of 4 broad paper, and turn it into another cylinder around one of your wood skewers. This situation will create the model sweeping rod part of the top of the gun. Then make different larger bore barrels with an equal inner bore as the total width of the original cylinder. This act will make the barrel muzzle section. Then make two evenly sized rings of the same width and depth of the thicker cylinder. You will also require to create a free ring of paper to a string within the main barrel and the model sweeping rod. Press the middle of it once in position, and paste it together to form a figure-of-eight joining piece.

Attach the main bodywork to the gun.

Soldering Kit

With the ruling firing device, manual, and pipe now finished, the piece is perfect. But it doesn’t look like a “decent” gun. Now, you’ll set out consideration to joining some finer aspects to the cardboard gun. Let’s first create the main gun assembly. Take some cardboard and form a strip 2 and 23/64 inches by 11 and 13/16 inches around 30cm. Tear off one facepiece of the cardboard to show the ribbing below.

Get the telescopic stock.

With that ended, make another piece of paper nine and 1/16th inches (23cm) broad. As previously, turn it into a round cylinder around a round object. This act will create the rod for the telescopic funds. Repeat and rinse to produce other identical pieces. With that perfect, make out a c-shaped capping line for the final revealed part of the back of the gun. Paste it into position. The space left in the head of the shooter is on target. 

Create the magazine

With the extent now finished, you can proceed with the gun’s magazine. Mark out a square of cardboard with a hole in the center. Create a second same piece as well. Then chop the narrow c-shaped part of cardboard and paste it about the three sides of the slotted section. With that concluded, fix the other end of the source to the rest of the actual magazine resources box. 

Attach the finishing methods to the cardboard gun.

With the magazine developed, you can now create the rest of the item. Make a series of square holes in the gun’s handguard to create mock airing slots. Then produce a range of cardboard rounds and stick them to the main handguard of the weapon. Combine some others to the central body of the paper. With that, your DIY cardboard rifle is finished. Now, you want to set up some games and provide the nerf gun a test run. Paper cups are an excellent choice, but you can manage whatever you have to deliver.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this will help you to build your own nerf gun for fun in the future.

https://www.bestwaterguns.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/nerf-gun-3.jpghttps://www.bestwaterguns.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/nerf-gun-3-150x150.jpgDMCFizleenUncategorizedIf you love Nerf guns but would quit if the guns were constructed of more sustainable matter, then this DIY design might clean up your place. Using little more than recycled electrical elements, paper, and cardboard, you too can create this useful DIY cardboard rifle. As you can imagine...It's all about rapid fire nerf gun, star wars nerf gun, nerf laser tag and nerf gun mods.