When reminiscing about my childhood, I would find myself remembering the days where I and my friends would run around with nerf guns and blast at each other. Perhaps it is the same with a lot of different young adults and teenagers who’ve played around with nerf blasters in their early days. However, they don’t have to stay as memories because Nerf battles are still so much fun and can be great.

Benefits of Nerf Battles

Nerf battles are a great form of exercise. When was the last time you went to play tag or sport in the park? Many individuals, when they get older, avoid doing these things. Having a fight with the Nerf gives you a reason to get out of your chair for a while and run around. Even if it’s just for a little bit, it gets you going out there, and while you do it, you’ll be able to burn a couple of calories.

It also lets you live like a kid again. Remembering your youth is significant. It lets you interact with other children and stay in contact with the magical part of us who always feels that a school day is a hard day’s work. When we get older, we start to lose that part of us, and getting a Nerf Fight keeps it alive. It gives you a sense of nostalgia and links you, which can be a wonderful feeling, to your childhood.

If you have a fight with someone in the Nerf, you share a moment.  You bond. That is the reason why you still remember playing with your childhood friends until this day. It can also be a way for you to get closer to people, friends, or family at the workplace. Of course, before thinking that people want to be a part of the game, it’s a good idea to always get permission. Perhaps, the manager or the boss can arrange an employee weekend event where nerf battles are included as part of the activity.

One of the biggest reasons people choose to play with Nerf blasters is that a wide variety of cool toy blasters are available. Since our youth, they have come a long way, too. To look at the various choices available, look through the toy section of the next store you visit. You will be sure that you will find one that fits your style.

There are many reasons why Nerf battles are enjoyed by many individuals. They’re going to get you moving, you can bond with friends, and they’re just plain cool with the blasters. Be sure to have a Nerf fight as soon as you find a worthy opponent, whatever the cause.

Nerf Gun Games

Nerf battles are for sure to be much more fun if participants are using blasters from Nerf’s Mega series. The extra-large blasters, darts, and whistling dart of the Mega series are all attributes that contribute to the much more fun experience fighting. There are many great ideas for nerf games that provide fun for all the family, from the youngest children in the family to the largest children out there (we’re looking at your grandparents!).

Homemade Nerf gun games are a fantastic idea, they will not only save you cash, but they are also a great way to fuel the imagination and at the same time become crafty. But, if you don’t have the time or inclination to make your own Nerf games, you can purchase plenty of ready-made games as well.

Have a talk with the kids who will play with them about protection before the games begin. A bullet (even a foam one) in the eye is certainly no fun. Set some rules, including one that deals with avoiding face shots.

The Tin Cans

A few meters away, set up some empty cans, bottles, or something else you can summon on a table and line up the shooters ready to knock them down. With older children, to give them different points and see who can score the highest in each round, you might make colored stickers or markers for each target. Perhaps it’s an oldie, but it’s still a goodie! Before setting them up on a table or bench to be knocked down, save your empty cans, bottles, packets, or pretty much everything else (non-glass). Based on the age of the shooters, differ the distance and size of the targets make it more challenging.


One individual will be selected as the VIP for this game. For every 2 assassins, the VIP gets 1 bodyguard for every 2 assassins (Ex: 2 bodyguards for 4 assassins, etc.). Each bodyguard has the primary objective of protecting the VIP from being shot by the assassins while escorting him/her to the assigned base or point which the children will creatively figure out. The game is done if the VIP is hit at all. 

Every bodyguard has a total of 3 lives and an “invincible” span of 15 seconds in which he/she can not be shot. They are out before the game is over if one of the killers is fired during the round. When the VIP is hit, the game is over.

The Classic Capture The Flag

Each team needs to have a minimum of 3 players each (total of 2 teams). Divide the teams equally and for both teams, designate a team color. (Ex: Red vs. Blue, Purple vs. Yellow, etc.)  This game should be played in a room that is wide enough to fit all participating players, such as a backyard, broad field, or gymnasium. Every team will position its flag at its base on opposite sides of the playground. The purpose of the game is to catch the flag of the other team from their base and return it to the base of your team. 

You have to sit or lie on the ground before one of your teammates comes and touches you if you get struck by a dart. The team loses immediately if all members of the same team are on the floor. You must return the flag to the team base and return to your base if you retrieve the flag of the other team and get fired when you have the flag (this is the only exception to not having to lie on the floor after getting shot).

The flag should not be stolen at that time if a team is returning their flag to their base. If you are out of ammunition, you can pick up darts from the floor.

Overall, there are plenty of Nerf games that can be played together with friends or family. Ultimately it is up to the creativity of the participants to create rules or new situations that would make the game much more interesting and intriguing.

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