Nerf guns are notorious for their moments when they are jammed. Typically, jams happen because the ammunition which in this case are darts, get lodged in between the mechanical parts of a blaster’s firing mechanism. Nerf is aware of this shortcoming and has implemented designs into their blasters to combat this issue. Users who also are unable to clear the jam in the Nerf-recommended way may also approach a more DIY style to fix their jammed blasters.


Released back in 2013, the Centurion was the first of the Mega to be out and was intended as a ‘Sniper Rifle’ of the Mega lineup. There are two tactical rails for the Centurion: one at the blaster’s stock end and one below the muzzle, where the folding bipod is marketed for attachment. Similar to that of the Stampede ECS, it has an integrated shoulder stock. It has five sling points: two on the rear end of the blaster and three on the barrel. Halfway down its tactical rail, its priming indicator is located. 

As compared to other clip system blasters, the Centurion’s priming mechanism is distinct. The Centurion’s bolt stays at the rear in an idle, un-primed state, allowing the clip to be easily removed. The bolt comes forward and chambers a dart when the primer handle is pulled to the rear and returned to the front. 

A dart is fired when the firing trigger is pulled, and the bolt snaps back to the rear position violently, causing a recoil-like effect. This can confuse users who have previously used a clip device blaster, as they will first attempt to extract the clip by pulling the bolt to the rear.

As visible inside the picture, the Centurion has a ‘jam door’ on the topside of the blaster above the magazine well/feed in transparent orange color. Users who find themselves in a jammed situation can try to open the jam door to attempt prying the lodged dart out of the firing mechanism. If the matter is still not resolved, users of the Centurion can try to loosen the bolt of the blaster, passing the mechanism’s catching point in order to allow the dart to pass through.

Mega Mastodon

The Mastodon is notoriously known for jamming particularly. The Mega Mastodon is a blaster with an automatic flywheel. It has a big, built-in dart drum that can hold up to 24 darts at a time. It has three tactical rails: two long ones on top of the blaster and a short one below, in front of the cylinder. It features the use of a carrying handle. There are two strap points to which the packaged shoulder strap can be clipped, one in front of the top tactical rail and one at the end of the blaster. A firing range of up to 30 meters is advertised.

It is well known for jamming because of its spring-clutch drum magazine which is able to freely spin up and down. This however has its drawbacks as the drum and firing system is not always aligned and it may jam the gun if the drum is spun during firing. The DIY fix of this blaster is more complicated than the standard fix, users need up to 5 different screw types to open up the internals of the gun and follow along with a video tutorial on YouTube to fix their blaster.

Mega DoubleBreach

The DoubleBreach also has its tendencies to be jammed. A double-barreled breech-loaded blaster is what makes the DoubleBreach; the breach is on the left side of the body. It has an intelligent system of air restrictors, which allows it to fire as loaded from either barrel.

It is capable of slam firing meaning that users can hold the trigger while pulling and pushing the slide action to fire darts. 

It also features an optional accessory for dart storage that carries up to four darts at a time, one tactical rail, and two strap points: one built into the handle and one under the muzzle. A firing range of up to 90 feet is advertised (twenty-seven meters). It is named the DoubleBreach as its ‘breeches’ are located on the left side of the gun where users can load 2 darts at a time, like a double-barreled shotgun. 

Users who are having a jam with the gun can do the same solution as any other blasters. They can attempt to unscrew the screws and open up the blaster. The solution in this matter is perhaps the firing mechanism jamming up. After opening the screws and the covers, users can push the mechanism a little forward and it should be working fine again.

Jam Door

The jam door is an ingenious feature that is available on the majority of blasters that Nerf makes. A jammed door is a common feature of the clip system or electronic blasters, also known as an access door. In the event of a jam, the jam door is a piece that slips back, allowing slight access to the inside. The user can remove it from there if a dart is stuck in the chamber.

The door to the jam is normally orange (black in some blasters, or transparent in the case of Hail-Fire) with holes scattered around it. In order to allow entry to the chamber, flip-open doors are made up of one piece supported by a metal bar and can flip up/slide open. To remain closed, slide-open doors usually use a friction ridge, but often rely on the priming mechanism of the blaster. 

In slide-open blasters, if the door is left open when the blaster is being loaded when the bolt is pulled forward, it will close automatically. Some blasters can have more than one door for jams, such as the CrossBolt. Normally, without fully closing the jam door, a blaster can not shoot, but certain blasters can operate with the jam door open, such as the Revonix360, RaptorStrike, and SlingFire.

In any case, the solution to most jams that happen in any blasters is usually able to be solved by opening up the jam door and dislodging the dart inside. This type of jam is the most likely to occur as the foam darts are soft and can be easily bent out of shape, making them unfit in the internal firing mechanisms of a blaster. In more extreme cases, users only need to open up their blasters’ DIY style if the firing mechanism itself is jammed. guns are notorious for their moments when they are jammed. Typically, jams happen because the ammunition which in this case are darts, get lodged in between the mechanical parts of a blaster’s firing mechanism. Nerf is aware of this shortcoming and has implemented designs into their blasters to...It's all about rapid fire nerf gun, star wars nerf gun, nerf laser tag and nerf gun mods.